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The new ARDO Breastfeeding Aids

ARDO has been marketing its exclusive range of breastfeeding products since April, 2010. The ARDO team has accumulated more than 150 years of experience in the breastpumps, breastfeeding-aids, and nursing-aids sector. This expertise forms the foundation for the new product-range, which fully meets the requirements and needs, not only of mothers, but also of professionals and specialists. Particular attention is paid to quality, userfriendliness, maternal comfort, safety, and security.

The new products were developed with the intention of meeting the personal requirements and individual needs of mothers and their babies. The aim is to provide mothers with as many choices as possible in terms of fit, function, comfort, user-friendliness and security.


Cherub Baby wide range of breastpumps, sterilisers, thermometers and bottles for your precious one!



Introducing the new brand of shoes, Pom2, for our little ones. Designed with love with fun, cutting edge, our little ones' feet will look good and feel good. Our little ones can move around without losing their shoes, free of blisters and calluses, be it indoors and outdoors. It is simply an amazing go-anywhere footwear.
Pom2 "Bare shoes" are the pair of shoes that uniquely combines socks with soft-soles. The soft-soles are non-slip and very flexible, giving the feeling of walking "Barefooted" while offering superior grip. This encourages natural development of muscles and ligaments of the foot and inspire confidence on our little ones.
Pom2 "Bare shoes" are made from non-toxic materials and abbrasive-resistant materials. The soft Nylon socks allow the feet to breathe and to stay dry all the time, preventing development of unwanted odour and fungi.
Pom2 'Bare shoes' are machine washable and easy to dry. The insole can be easily removed during the washing, to enhance the hygiene.
With all its uniqueness, no wonder parents and little ones can't get enough of Pom2 Shoes.



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Potty for boys. Available now!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNew Clearance Sale Corner

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